Hair Transplant

What is meant by hair transplant?

We can know what is meant by the hair transplant process, as it is the process that depends on collecting all the hair follicles present in the scalp, and then transferring them to the target area, that is, the one who suffers from baldness. And this surgery has recently become one of the most popular and popular surgeries by many people from inside and outside Turkey. We know very well that the problem of hair loss is a great concern for the person who suffers from it, as it causes him discomfort, a feeling of misery and a loss of self-confidence. The treatment of this problem is very important for everyone looking for their beauty and improving their appearance, and Turkey is the country and the first optimal destination in cosmetic operations, especially transplantation. Hair, and the best example of the most successful hair transplant centers in Turkey, specifically Istanbul, is the Right Hair Clinic.

Causes of hair loss

There are many reasons that lead to men and women suffering from hair loss, including the following:
  • hormonal problems;
  • Genetic factors.
  • Suffering from diseases in the body's systems.
  • Thyroid problems.
  • Wrong eating habits.
  • Follow a diet poor in vitamins and minerals.
  • Suffering from sensitivity to the hormone testosterone or high levels.
  • Side effects caused by taking certain medications, such as medications for chronic diseases.
  • skin diseases.
  • Suffering from depression or severe stress.
  • seasonal shifts.
  • Pregnancy and childbearing in women.
  • Chemical products that go into hair products such as hair dyes and color lighteners.
  • Tools and techniques used in hair styling such as a hair dryer.
  • Hair transplant turkey techniques

    DHI technique for hair transplant

    DHI technique for hair transplantation is the process of developing a hair transplant process that is performed by FUE technique afterwards directly in the recipient or target area. Hair transplantation from the problem of baldness, with traditional hair transplant techniques and for a benefit.

    Advantages of DHI

    There are a lot of items that contain many techniques used in planting trees, which are used to obtain health benefits, and the benefits of these advantages are as follows:
    • The DHI hair transplant technique has helped those wishing to transplant hair and get rid of the problem of hair loss or any part of the symptoms as it is the case with normal techniques.
    • Restoring hope in hair transplantation for those who have not been able to restore their hair with other techniques such as FUE and FUT techniques due to weakness or shortage of hair follicles from the vicinity.
    • The speed of recovery from these operations, has been determined after the expiration of its display.
    • Low cost of DHI operation compared to other techniques.
    • The success of this technique does not depend on the condition of the skin in the surrounding areas.
    • Increasing the proportion of DHI technique for hair transplantation.
    • It is possible to use the DH technique to treat the problem of hair loss due to hereditary alopecia or the indicator of burns and wounds.
    • The DHI technique can be used for hair transplantation in many areas other than the scalp, such as the mustache, eyebrows and beard areas.

    FUE Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation is the ideal solution to increase hair density that guarantees the person obtaining 100% sure and guaranteed results, and hair transplant techniques have received great improvements and developments such as hair transplantation by FUE technique, and hair transplantation with DHI technique And hair transplantation with FUT technology to the extent that these techniques have become the savior solution for men who are facing the problem of hair loss.

    What is FUE hair transplantation?

    The FUE Hair Transplant, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is one of the most advanced techniques in the field of hair transplantation, which was achieved by the great discoveries of Akuda Suji. Improving the technique and modifying it a lot of time, and in the following decades, the damage and pain became less during the process, and at the present time the process of hair transplantation by FUE has become one of the famous techniques in the field of hair transplantation, as it is characterized by high accuracy and obtaining the required results similar to natural hair.

    Types of hair transplantation using FUE technique

    • Sapphire fue
    • Sapphire fue blades are used as an alternative to steel needles, in order to extract hair follicles, and these blades are characterized by providing very accurate grafts during hair transplantation, and the recovery time after the operation is fast, which is within a week of the operation.

    • Micro fue
    • This technique is considered the most accurate of all the fue techniques, as it uses very thin needles with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm connected to a micro motor, which helps to reduce the time spent during the process compared to other methods.

    • Fue for long hair
    • The FUE technique is used, the technique of hair transplantation by extraction, for patients who have long hair and do not want to shave their hair until baldness before the surgery, and after the hair grows on the back of the head and on the sides, a rectangular part of the hair is shaved from the back of the head, Then the hair follicles are transferred from this area to the desired areas of the scalp, and it is possible to hide the oblong part of the hair by combing the long hair at the sides of the head and the crown until full recovery is reached.

    Sapphire Pens Technology | fue sapphire pen

    Hair transplantation using the sapphire fue sapphire technique, the hair transplantation process has gradually developed until the modern sapphire technology was reached, which facilitated the hair transplant process without any complications or side effects after the operation, and the reason for this is due to the accuracy of the device that is employed in opening the channels that are One of the most important stages of hair transplantation, which gives a direct effect that evaluates the success of the operation, after which the patient notices the growth of hair similar to natural hair and it is not possible to distinguish between them.
    In general, all hair transplant techniques depend on two main principles, which are as follows:
    • The degree of experience and competence of the doctor performing the procedure.
    • The technique and tools that the doctor uses during the operation.

    The Ambassador technique for hair transplantation

    This technique is applied by a canal opening device that has a very fine head, made of sapphire stone during the most important stage of hair transplantation. And this head facilitates the process of opening channels with high accuracy while reducing the large consumption of cells in the areas of opening channels, which means wound healing and a short recovery period. The Sapphire stone is characterized by stimulating collagen, which helps in repairing tissues in the areas of opening the channels, so that the process of building new cells begins, so that the skin becomes soft as it was before. It should be noted that opening the holes is an important stage during hair transplantation, as the head of the ambassador works to open the holes in the required directions and angles so that the hair gets its natural and smooth shape like the surrounding hair.

    Features of the Ambassador technology

    • Thanks to the sapphire tip, this technique facilitates the opening of the incubating channels in the direction required for hair growth.
    • Difficulty in tissue damage and therefore no damage or pain in the areas of the head.
    • There is an area and the possibility to grow a larger amount of follicles compared to other techniques.
    • Easy wound healing, short recovery period and return to normal life.
    • A person obtains a natural appearance of hair after a hair transplant.

    What distinguishes Turkey from other countries in hair transplantation

    When the idea of ​​hair transplant comes to mind, Turkey comes at the forefront of the successful countries that conduct these operations, as hair transplantation in Turkey is a strong attraction for many patients from all over the world, who go to Turkey for medical tourism. And the process of hair transplantation began in Turkey since the beginning of the nineties, although the operations were applied in many countries earlier, but Turkey and some other countries applied it with high professionalism in the early nineties.

    What distinguishes Turkey from other countries in hair transplantation

  • Experience in hair transplant
  • The timing of the first transplant operation in the world was close to the time when Turkey started transplanting, and this gave it high experience in the field, and contributed to the increase in the number of operations that are performed each year in Turkey. There are statistics confirmed that the hair transplant operation in Turkey has been carried out to more than 300 thousand people.
  • Medical training in the field
  • Those who perform the hair transplantation are doctors who specialize in the field, and their specialization is in dermatology, where the doctor works on an accurate analysis of the scalp before the operation.
  • Turkey's size in the medical field
  • Turkey is one of the few countries that provides its patients with integrated health care, and this has helped the spread of hospitals in all cities of Turkey over the years, and the employment of many medical personnel to work in these hospitals, in addition to the development of medical training at the level of Turkey's universities. Here we offer you some statistics that reinforce the previously mentioned saying, including that the population of Turkey is 80 million, of whom 75,000 students graduate from medical school annually.
  • Technical competence and hygiene
  • Turkey is one of the countries that has applied various international hair transplant techniques, for example, the Sapphire technique for hair transplantation was used, which is a modern technique that was applied in Dr. Serkan Aygın clinic, and painless local anesthesia was widely used in all operations in this clinic.

    Hair transplant in Turkey

    Beard transplant for men in Turkey

    The beard is one of the most important signs of beauty for men, so we note that many of them aim to grow hair in this area, especially for those who suffer from lack of hair growth in the beard because there are many reasons that may be hormonal or genetic, or exposure to burns and various accidents that result in the presence of Scars in the mustache and beard areas, which prevents hair from growing again.

    Beard Transplant

    In this process, some hair follicles are transferred from some hair-dense areas in the man’s body, such as the head or chest area, to the beard area, after verifying that the specifications of the hair to be transplanted match the characteristics of facial hair so that there should be no difference between them. This process takes about a few hours, and the surgeon must be careful that there is no difference between the final look of the transplanted hair from the natural looking facial hair.

    Stages of Beard Transplant

    In the process of beard transplantation, local anesthesia is used, and the process takes a period of time ranging from 2-8 hours sometimes, according to the number of transplanted and transferred follicles.
    1. In the first step of beard transplantation, the doctor determines the shape that the patient aims to obtain.
    2. The doctor begins to determine the number of follicles to be transferred to the beard area, and the location of these follicles, whether in the back of the head, chest, arms or back.
    3. Often the doctor needs a number of grafts ranging from 1000 to 2000 grafts, and in some cases it may require 5,000 hair grafts to be transplanted and transferred to the chin or beard.
    4. The doctor uses local anesthesia on the donor area from which the follicles will be obtained, as well as the area in which the follicles will be implanted.
    5. The follicles are obtained through special devices to extract them without exposing them to damage, and this is done by making small incisions in the skin of no more than 2 cm in length.
    6. The process of transplanting the bulbs begins in the places that were previously determined.
    7. The operation ends with a beard transplant, and the patient then enters the recovery and recovery phase.

    Hair transplantation for women in Turkey

    Many women resort to hair transplantation due to the loss of their hair as a result of various factors, including accidents, hair diseases, or genetic factors.

    Candidate cases for hair transplant

    Experts confirm that there is a very small percentage of women who may be eligible for hair transplantation, and about 5% benefit from them. The most important cases of candidates for hair transplantation for women are as follows:
    • Women who have had hair loss problem caused by mechanical or non-hormonal alopecia.
    • Women who are at risk of hair loss that is close to the incision caused by the plastic surgery they have undergone.
    • Women who suffer from male pattern baldness, and this includes the top of the head and hairline.
    • Women who suffer from hair activity resulting from various traumas such as burns of all kinds.
    • Women suffering from alopecia marginalis, a type of alopecia areata that is similar to traction alopecia.

    Steps of hair transplantation for women

    1- Hair follicle unit transplantation
    This type of cultivation is done through these steps as follows:
    • The specialist doctor resorts to getting rid of the piece of hair that is located in the scalp, using a medical scalpel, and it is usually at the back of the head.
    • The doctor closes the area from which the sample was obtained using medical stitches.
    • This type of hair transplant, the doctor divides the sample into small pieces, as it is possible to divide one piece into about 2000 small pieces called grafts, and these grafts may include one hair.
    • The doctor implants the grafts by making small holes in the patient's scalp with a needle.
    • The doctor uses puncture holes to insert hair to the desired areas, and this step is called grafting.
    • The doctor covers the wound with bandages and gauze.

    2-Future Technique
    • The doctor shaves the patient's hair from the back of the patient's head.
    • The doctor takes individual follicles from the same area.
    • The specialist doctor makes a hole in the scalp with a process similar to the procedure in the previous step, and then grafts are made for hair follicles in the form of holes.
    • The doctor covers the patient's head with gauze or bandages to protect it.

    Eyebrow transplantation in Turkey

    In fact, all women seek an attractive aesthetic appearance, especially the beauty of the face, and free from any problems that may distort its appearance, which makes them frequent salons and beauty centers on an ongoing basis, but there are problems that cannot be eliminated by applying recipes at home or beauty centers such as the problem of light hair eyebrows; As the woman who suffers from light eyebrows feels that there is a defect or problem in the eye area, she resorts to searching for an effective way to intensify the eyebrows hair, such as using castor oil, as there are doctors who advise applying castor oil to the eyelashes and eyebrows, to increase their density, but this method does not work. Especially for women who suffer from very light eyebrows, and the only solution is eyebrow transplantation.

    Eyebrow Transplant

    Eyebrow intensification or eyebrow transplantation is a simple cosmetic procedure that aims to increase and intensify hair in the eyebrow area by planting new follicles. Despite the ease of the operation, it requires a skilled doctor with great experience in the field, since the eyebrows are a delicate and sensitive area in the face, and any error, even if it is simple, causes deformation in the area. The surgeon must take into account these matters during the transplantation of new hairs, and the most important of these matters are as follows:
    • Be careful in locating the hairs, so that the hairs will grow in a healthy area later.
    • Pay attention to the shape of the eyebrow, as the shape of the eyebrow should be consistent with the rest of the facial features.
    • Eyebrow transplantation takes a minimum of 1-2 hours and a maximum of 5 hours.

    When was the process of thickening eyebrows discovered

    Eyebrow transplantation was discovered years after the discovery of head hair transplantation. In 1822, the first hair transplant operation in the world was performed by Dr. Daegopach, and after that many doctors re-performed this operation again, but they failed. About 10 years ago, doctors resorted to eyebrow transplantation, after the great development witnessed by the field of cosmetics and the invention of modern devices. And then the Arab world.



    Why Right Hair Clinic for hair transplant in Turkey?

    Who is Right Hair Clinic?
    Right Hair Clinic is one of the powerful clinics specialized in the field of hair, eyebrows, beard and mustache transplantation, targeting both men and women, and it also specializes in hair transplantation for the cosmetic purpose of patients who have experienced accidents, wounds and burns. The clinic was opened based on the need of people for us, especially those who suffer from hair loss problems and male pattern baldness or baldness that affects women. The solution we have is through our team specialized in the field, consisting of surgeons, plastic surgeons and workers, who are equipped with the strongest experiences and scientific certificates in the field, in addition to the presence of the latest Techniques, devices and equipment used in operations. In addition to the field of hair transplantation, the clinic specializes in cosmetic dental treatment, Hollywood smile, and dental implants with the latest technologies available in the clinic. We can say that Right Hair Clinic is one of the most successful and pioneering clinics in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey and European countries, as it has strong and long experience in the field, and the evidence of the successful results that come out of the clinic, and the clinic has the latest tools and techniques used in hair transplantation such as FUT hair transplant FUE hair transplantation, DHI hair transplantation, and FUE SAPPHIRE hair transplantation.
    Features of Right Hair Clinic
    The Right Hair Clinic has many advantages that make it the first and ideal choice for all patients wishing to undergo hair transplantation, and the most important of these advantages are as follows:
    • The use of painless local anesthesia, and the use of the latest injections in the operation.
    • The clinic is fully equipped with the latest decorations and the latest methods and tools used in the operation.
    • Providing high-tech hair transplantation services under the hands of experts in the field at the best prices.
    • Practical experiences that have achieved great success in achieving customer satisfaction.
    • Clients have guarantees from the beginning of the operation to the end, with full responsibility for the patient's safety and the success of the operation.
    • Getting a transplanted hair that looks like natural hair is indistinguishable.
    • Inform the patient of all the stages and steps he will go through during the operation.

    Your Jounery With us

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    Transfer from Airport to Hotel with Interpreter Team

    Welcome to Turkey

    We assist our patients from the airport to the hotel, where they will stay, with our disinfected vehicles for their safety and comfort. We have an interpreter team with us so that our patients do not experience any communication problems.

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    In-Person Consultation and Intervention by the Doctor

    Consultation & Intervention

    We will escort you to your in-person consultation with our doctor at Right hair Clinic. During the consultation, our medical team will conduct the necessary medical analysis to determine whether you are suitable for the operation.

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    Relaxation at 4 or 5 Star Hotel for Recovery


    After the completion of your surgery process, you are ready to leave the clinic. We will escort you to your arranged hotel to rest after the operation.

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    Check-Up and Transfer to Airport


    According to your doctor’s recommendation, our team will assist you to Right hair Clinic for your doctor to check up on you and your results. Then we will escort you to the airport. We would like to see you again in Turkey with your fresh appearance as well.