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What distinguishes Turkey from other countries in hair transplantation When the idea of hair transplant comes to mind, Turkey comes at the forefront of the successful countries that conduct these operations, as hair transplantation in Turkey is a strong attraction for many patients from all over the world, who go to Turkey for medical tourism. And the process of hair transplantation began in Turkey since the beginning of the nineties, although the operations were applied in many countries earlier, but Turkey and some other countries applied it with high professionalism in the early nineties. .

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Who is Right Hair Clinic? Right Hair Clinic is one of the powerful clinics specialized in the field of hair, eyebrows, beard and mustache transplantation, targeting both men and women, and it also specializes in hair transplantation for the cosmetic purpose of patients who have experienced accidents, wounds and burns.

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Avrasya Hospitals, which grows and develops day by day, has taken on a new identity and modern architectural appearance in the field with Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa, the third hospital of the group. Under the leadership of Chairman of the Board - General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Hüseyin Urlu, Avrasya Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa started admitting patients on 18th July 2016. Local and foreign citizens in the Republic of Turkey, and patients coming to our hospital from all over the world, are admitted without discrimination in all branches on a 7/24 service.

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